Intellectual property

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (protection of one’s own intellectual property and the danger of unauthorized use of another’s intellectual property) What is an intellectual property Intellectual property is a registered/published product of the human mind, which is characterized by novelty, innovation, or originality. It is characterized by: • Time-limited period of protection against unauthorized use in countries […]

Renewable energy

Technical calculations for the production of energy from renewable sources ENERGY AND POWER UNITS The official unit for energy or work is the joule, marked J. This unit is small, so kJ and MJ are used, a thousand or a million joules. For power, a watt unit, W, is used, ie a thousand times increased […]

Investment process

Stages in the investment process and financial analysis of investments in the field of business start-up and development Modern engineers, managers, workers and innovators are characterized by: Creativity in the production of ideas for increasing profits, savings, environmental protection, etc. Ability to search for scientific research papers – for example, “Kobson” (available free of charge […]

Creating a business idea and career

CREATING A BUSINESS IDEA AND CAREER A successful career of a person (a beginner in an independent business, an employee in advancing in someone else’s company, and general positioning in society) depends on the realization of one’s own desires – inclinations, abilities and possibilities. Since the middle of the last century, there have been “tools” […]