What is a Franchise?

Franchising is a way to run your company under a well-known brand, which will allow you to break into the market faster and reduce the risk of business failure. So it is a way to apply a proven business model of a company with experience, knowledge and brand in that industry in your personal business […]

Why financial analysis of a business plan is needed

You do the financial analysis of a business plan (business idea) primarily for yourself, in order to prevent investment risks, and not because of potential creditors or co-investors. The potential lender is primarily interested in whether you are creditworthy, or what you can offer as a loan guarantee, ie. whether you have a property unencumbered […]

Choice od legal form of business

Entrepreneur or company Entrepreneurial companies are conceived by the legislature as small family businesses. The founder (entrepreneur), members of his family and possibly several employees should work in them. Registration fees are less than 100 EUR in dinar equivalent. Companies are conceived as larger (economically more powerful) companies with more capital and more employees. Of […]

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis (acronym of English words: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is a technique that links the strengths and weaknesses of a company with the opportunities and threats in the external environment.The author of this method is Albert Humphrey (1960) ) from USA Stanford University, where he analyzed and used the development strategies of the 500 […]

Investment and creditworthiness of investors

Investment and creditworthiness of local self-government Investment and creditworthiness of local self-government depends on: • Financial condition, and • Investment support (guarantee) from higher authorities. The elimination criterion for the realization of the planned investment is the net current budget deficit, which is calculates according to the formula: + Current budget revenues – Current budget […]

Intellectual property

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (protection of one’s own intellectual property and the danger of unauthorized use of another’s intellectual property) What is an intellectual property Intellectual property is a registered/published product of the human mind, which is characterized by novelty, innovation, or originality. It is characterized by: • Time-limited period of protection against unauthorized use in countries […]

Renewable energy

Technical calculations for the production of energy from renewable sources ENERGY AND POWER UNITS The official unit for energy or work is the joule, marked J. This unit is small, so kJ and MJ are used, a thousand or a million joules. For power, a watt unit, W, is used, ie a thousand times increased […]

Investment process

Stages in the investment process and financial analysis of investments in the field of business start-up and development Modern engineers, managers, workers and innovators are characterized by: Creativity in the production of ideas for increasing profits, savings, environmental protection, etc. Ability to search for scientific research papers – for example, “Kobson” (available free of charge […]

Creating a business idea and career

CREATING A BUSINESS IDEA AND CAREER A successful career of a person (a beginner in an independent business, an employee in advancing in someone else’s company, and general positioning in society) depends on the realization of one’s own desires – inclinations, abilities and possibilities. Since the middle of the last century, there have been “tools” […]