What is it, why and how to become an innovative company


What is an innovative company

An innovative company is a company that constantly introduces innovations in its activity (products, design, technologies in production and environmental protection, intellectual property, organization) or develops new activities, all with the aim of optimizing the business for survival and competitiveness in the market.

Why an innovative firm

Without product development, technology and work organization, the company has no perspective.

How to become an innovative company

Only by motivating all employees, which means higher salaries for innovators, career advancement and various benefits. In order for employees to be motivated to contribute to the company, the owner must set some rules that encourage and reward creativity.

The most common parameters for evaluating the contribution of a creative idea, ie. innovations in the development of the company are SWOT analysis and the ratio of required investments and expected profits in the distribution of which the innovator also participates.

Advanced companies have access to all:

  • Questionnaire for SWOT analysis (advantages, disadvantages, chances and dangers of the proposed solution)
  • Questionnaire in which innovators with the assistance of management enter the input parameters: estimated value of the investment, estimated income (savings) and expenses, and the software displays the financial effects of the investment, ie shows an assessment of return on investment, such as our www.investasistent.com